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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Paperwork - From Your Department

Last updated on 7/8/2010


As a new adjunct at Baruch College, a Personnel Action Form (PAF) needs to be completed and submitted in order to receive paychecks. Insure that your department has sent a signed Personal Action Form (PAF) to Human Resources clearly indicating that you will be teaching at Baruch. Once sent, a payroll file can be created for you. This document (i.e., your PAF) will be needed when you go to Human Resources to complete the paperwork necessary to not only be paid, but also obtain a Baruch ID CUNYCard.

It's important to that not all departments share common office policies and procedures. Some departments provide a letter for you to bring with you to Human Resources; others instruct you to go to the Human Resources Office (135 East 22nd St., Room 200) once your PAF has made its way there. Regardless, when going to HR to fill-out the required paperwork any/all adjuncts need to remember to:

  • Bring a voided personal check if you wish your paychecks be deposited directly into your bank account. Please click here for a pdf of the Direct Deposit form.
  • Leave Human Resources with an approved ID Authorization form 

You'll also receive a copy of your Workload Report, which verifies the number of hours you work within the City University of New York and must be completed each semester you are working at Baruch. Section 15.2 of Article 15 of the Agreement between The City University of New York and the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY states:


A person appointed to an Adjunct title is not a full-time employee of The City University of New York. Employment in an adjunct position or a combination of adjunct positions shall not constitute a full-time position. Adjunct lecturers or adjuncts in other titles, excluding Graduate Assistants, shall not be assigned a total of more than nine (9) classroom contact hours during a semester in one unit of The City University of New York. In addition, such adjunct may be employed to teach a maximum of one course of not more than six (6) hours during a semester at another unit of The City University of New York. For persons in nonteaching
adjunct titles, the limitations noted above are equated to not more than 225 hours per semester at one college and not more than 150 hours per semester at a second college of the University.

For more information and a copy of the workload form go to: