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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

News and Information

Last updated on 7/12/2010


There is a host of sources and resources for news and information that will be relevant to you in your role as an adjunct at Baruch. You can access and receive them in a variety of ways. Here is an overview:

Baruch College Home Page: For information on the College, including such items as calendars, directories, policies, this handbook, and schedules of courses, the Baruch College website is your primary source. See the Baruch College Website page in this handbook for an overview of some of the information you'll find when navigating the site.

Media: Additionally, current information is available under the heading 'In the News', located on Baruch College's home page. Other sources include Baruch's Campus News and Press Releases webpages.

Your Department: For information pertaining to your specific work at Baruch as well as communication from your chair, your department is your source. Please be sure that your department secretary has your current contact information and knows your preferred address, phone number, and the best way to reach you. It's important to visit the department office regularly and check your mailbox for time sensitive materials.  

See the pages in this handbook listed under Your Department to learn more about the resources available to you.

Public Announcements & Faculty/Staff Listserv: The Faculty & Staff listserv serves as one of the primary announcement mechanisms for campus events, school closings, and other official notices. It was developed to address the need for timely public announcements at Baruch College. All faculty and staff with a network account are automatically added to the announcement listserv on a weekly basis. Email from the listserv will be sent to your official Baruch College email address ending in (

For campus-wide news and information of interest to faculty and staff, e-mail announcements are made via a public announcement listserv. Adjunct faculty will be added to the faculty/staff listserv as they are created. You may choose to use another e-mail address and can make this change by going to Click on the first option listed, then follow the prompts to change your e-mail address ('bbfacultystaff' is the listserv you want). Additionally, please see Faculty & Staff Announcement Listserv (Public Announcements) as well as the links listed under BCTC's Computing Resources page.