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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Executives on Campus

Last updated on 2/25/2015


The Baruch College Executives On Campus Program builds meaningful academic and professional relationships between students, faculty, and leaders in the business, nonprofit, and public sectors. It provides meeting places with students and colleagues for their mentoring relationships. Experienced, accessible executives and leaders share their practical, real-world perspective, their ideas and opinions, and their ‘secrets of success’ with students and faculty. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to communicate with successful role models in a small group setting. For a recent list, please see Guest Speakers & Volunteers. 

Faculty members also have the opportunity to draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of top industry leaders and to collaborate and build relationships with them. Furthermore, executives can participate in a variety of activities including classroom guest lecturers, student club presentations, and various mentoring programs and events. A comprehensive EOC Program Description is available. For more information about the program, please contact:
Yvell Stanford (Director, Executives on Campus)
646 660-6098 (phone); 646 660-6101 (fax)

Bringing guest speakers into your classroom not only enhances the experience for your students; it also introduces professionals from a range of fields to Baruch. Whether they are members of the Executives on Campus program or your own colleagues and contacts, be sure to familiarize yourself with Public Safety's policy on Visitors when making arrangements.