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The Baruch College Adjunct Faculty Handbook

The Classroom

Last updated on 6/18/2010


Even though you'll be assigned a classroom for the semester, you'll be sharing it with other classes throughout the term. Each classroom is equipped with the basics you'll needdesk/chairs for students, white boards or chalk boards, and a desk or table and chair in front. Many of the classrooms on campus are electronic or “smart” classrooms that have built-in multimedia equipment – VCRs, document cameras, computers and more. You do not need to order equipment in advance if the technology you need is already in the classroom. To find out where these "smart" classrooms are located on campus, please see BCTC's page on Electronic Classrooms.  

See Classroom Maintenance to order the basic furniture for your needs and to request repairs.

Each classroom has a campus telephone on the wall, with the Public Safety number (ext. 3333) clearly posted.  In addition, you may dial Media Resources Help Line (ext. 1010) for help with non-functioning or missing equipment.

Since each room is used by so many, you should not leave any materials in your classroom. Similarly, be sure to erase your chalk boards or white boards and remove your papers and materials when you leave.

Markers & Erasers

In the beginning of the semester, you should receive a set of dry markers and an eraser for your classroom's whiteboards from your department secretary. These are yours for the term; bring them with you to class and take them with you at the end of each class. For those teaching in classrooms with chalkboards, chalk and erasers should be in your rooms.