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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Joint Committee on Research

Last updated on 9/14/2015

Charge (from the bylaws of the General Faculty)

Article VII. Section 5 – Joint Committee on Research
This Committee is charged with supporting Faculty research.  It shall serve as advisory to the Grants Officer and other administrative officers of the College; it will articulate Faculty concerns regarding College-wide policy on research.  It shall consist of members of Faculty rank or status selected by the Faculties of the College in the following manner:  a) two members elected by the School faculty in those Schools with more than 150 full time-equivalent-faculty members; b) one member elected by the School Faculty in those Schools with fewer than 150 full-time-equivalent faculty members; c) two members at-large elected by the General Faculty; and, d) ex officio, the Grants Officer of the College.

Members 2015-2016

Iris Geva-May SPA

Vincent DiGirolamo (History)WSAS

Dominic Esposito, ex officio

Stephanie Golob (Political Science) WSAS   

 Guillaume Haeringer (Econ & Finance) ZSB

Jennifer Mangels (Psychology)WSAS

Lauren Block (Marketing) ZSB

Robert Wagner (Law) ZSB



In Fall 2006, the Joint Committee circulated a survey about support for research at Baruch College.  Results of the Survey