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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Jury Duty

Last updated on 2/25/2015


ADJUNCT FACULTY: You are entitled to receive your regular salary provided that your jury duty service is during your normal work hours and you remit to the Human Resources Office proof of jury duty attendance. You should notify your department chair or director of the jury duty summons. If the jury service does not conflict with your assignment, you will be expected to work as scheduled.

This information is also available by viewing the Adjust staff member's Summary of Benefits and Employment Policies.


FULL-TIME FACULTY: From the 1996-2000 agreement between PSC CUNY and the City University of New York:


17.1 Employees who are required to serve on a jury, or are required to report to Court in person in response to a jury duty summons, or are required to report for jury examination, or to qualify for jury duty, shall receive their regular salary during such absences provided that they remit to the University an amount equal to the compensation received by them, if any, for jury duty.