New incoming faculty are unable to claim and use their CUNYfirst & CUNY Portal accounts.

UPDATE (8/12) - Most new incoming faculty who have had their information entered in by Human Resources have also been associated with the course they are teaching in CUNYfirst. Please try to reclaim your account. Faculty members who will begin teaching in the Fall may not have access to claim their CUNYfirst and CUNY Portal accounts prior to August 28th. This is related to your information being entered in by Human Resources after receiving it from the department you work for. Once your information has been entered into the system, you will need to be associated with a class in the official Schedule of Classes by the Registrar's office. HR and the Registrar's office are working closely to minimize the time needed to have this information entered. Once your information has been entered and you are associated with a class, you will have access to CUNYfirst and subsequently, access to the CUNY Portal.

Click HERE to see other issues and workarounds.

NOTICE: When logged on to CUNYfirst the following two issues will require you to open a new browser window.

1. To view the schedule of classes for Fall or Summer II, you must open a second browser by following this link.
Another way to view the schedule of classes would be to go to HR/Campus Solutions -> Self Service -> Class Search/Browse Catalog ->Class Search after you have logged in and search for classes.

2. To view class information, access Blackboard or any other links within the CUNY Portal, you must open a second browser by following this link.

Turn to Faculty Ambassadors for Help.


Benefits of CUNYfirst for Faculty

Faculty and staff will have a single user name and password for all CUNYfirst applications.

Campus Solutions - Instruction and Advising

Download Faculty Advisor Guides >

Download Faculty Advisement Quick Reference Guide >

  • Faculty can create and view instructional calendar by daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • Faculty and staff have quick access to student transcripts, class schedules, academic status, and contact information directly through CUNYfirst
  • Vice presidents, deans and chairs can view faculty teaching history
  • Enrollment and faculty data feeds directly into Blackboard
  • Quicker postings to student transcripts will support timely registration for pre-requisite and/or co-requisite requirements

Faculty and staff can directly connect to CUNYfirst via the Internet from any location.

Note: CUNYfirst is not connected to the current CUNY Portal. Logins to the CUNY Portal and CUNYfirst are separate and distinct.

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