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Use MyInfo for quick lookup of your information

The MyInfo service allows you to quickly check your schedule, your textbook list, your program plan and more, and is available at all times, regardless of CUNYfirst availability. Go to MyInfo and log in with Your CUNY Portal or Blackboard user name and password—NOT your CUNYfirst user name and password. (If you have forgotten your CUNY Portal user name and password recover or reset your CUNY Portal account).

Workarounds for CUNYfirst Known Issues
Upon the launch of CUNYfirst, students, faculty and staff have noticed minor issues with the online system. Together with CUNY's Central Information Services team, BCTC has identified issues and are working towards having them resolved. View CUNYfirst issues and workarounds

What is CUNYfirst?

CUNYfirst stands for "Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool." These new processes are streamlining and standardizing how everyday things are done throughout the University, from registering for classes to paying our bills. New applications are being implemented in phases to replace aging legacy systems. The entire project will establish CUNY processes well into the future.

CUNYfirst is:


  • Featuring an interconnected University-wide system that effectively ties into and manages students’ education and records; faculty/staff employment and benefits information; and all College business operations.

Industry Best Practices

  • Putting into place systems and procedures that comply with CUNY’s common goal of providing the best customer service to students, faculty, staff, and community.

Standardization without loss of identity

  • Implementing common processes that can be accepted across the University, while allowing campuses to continue their unique missions.


  • Making available modern systems and processes that allow each user more control and flexibility.

Accurate and timely information to better serve students, faculty, and staff

  • Accessing information when we need it so we can perform our work on our timetable.

Replacement of aging computer systems

  • Retiring systems that have reached their capacity and replacing them with modern educational and business systems.

Who will CUNYfirst affect?

Everyone from the students, to the faculty and staff will be positively affected by CUNYfirst, and everything from Student Administration to Human Resources and Finance Information will be upgraded. Our students' records will connect to the systems that run our businesses, as well as to the systems that keep personnel records of our faculty and staff. CUNYfirst will help the University meet its goal of providing the best customer service to our students, faculty, staff, and community

What areas will acquire these new systems?

The CUNYfirst system consists of three sections: Finance, Human Resources, and Campus Solutions. In each of these sections, new systems will change several key areas.

Human Resources

Campus Solutions



Student Records
Financial Aid

General Ledger
Planning & Budgeting
Procurement(Accounts Payable, Expenses & Purchasing)
Accounts Receivable
Asset Management
Cash & Deal Management

Several of these systems are already operational at Baruch College and other CUNY campuses, such as the Human Resources Self-Service segment, which allows faculty and staff to view and check personal information online.

As new applications are launched, everyone working at Baruch College will learn how to use the new tools needed for their function. Training will be available in classes or online.

In late March 2014, major portions of the Campus Solutions segment will go live, changing the way students register for classes, faculty enter grades online, and other processes. The new system will include a live and interactive interface, a waiting list feature and "shopping cart" functionality for class registration, and personalized daily, weekly, and monthly class schedule calendars.

Once the system is available, all Baruch College faculty, staff, and students will have access to online classes and other web-based support, as well as an on-campus Help Desk.

Learn more at the University's CUNYfirst site.