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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Faculty Workshops

For more information about the workshops below or to register, please contact the Help Desk at 646-312-1010 or at




Additional Fall 2015 Offerings

Clicker "Open Hours" Session

Date: Thursday, January 22
Time: 3-4PM
Location: NVC 6-145

This is an “open” session, where you can drop by to ask questions of the TurningPoint instructor one-on-one during this “drop-by” hour. No registration is required.

NOTE: A clicker expert from Turning Technologies will be available for this session.


Qualtrics Survey Software

Qualtrics is an online survey program that allows you to create dynamic online surveys. Qualtrics offers a number of weekly online sessions including Getting Started, Advanced Survey Building, and Reporting which can be viewed at this site: In addition, Qualtrics University", a support and training site, is a useful resource for learning about the features of Qualtrics.

Faculty Technology Workshop Descriptions

*Please note - not all of the workshops listed below are offered every semester.

Introduction to Blackboard

This hands-on session is designed for instructors, graduate assistants, and staff with little or no prior Blackboard experience.  Learn the basics of Blackboard including:

  • Accessing the software
  • Uploading content to your Blackboard course
  • Customizing the Blackboard Interface
  • Understanding the Communication Features
  • Working with the course Control Panel
  • Learning where to go for help


Overview of Smart Classrooms

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Working the Lectern Control Pad
  • Projecting pages using the document camera
  • Operating the ceiling mounted LCD Projector
  • Setting the lights for optimal display Classroom Support Staff



Blogs@Baruch provides a platform for faculty, administrators, students, and staff to bring a wide variety of online resources together in a space that they control. This workshop will explore the variety of ways that Blogs@Baruch is being and may be used throughout the Baruch College community.  We will discuss the pedagogical, curricular, and administrative implications of the college’s embrace of a locally administered, open source publishing platform. In the second half of the workshop, attendees will get a guided hands-on experience with Blogs@Baruch aimed at exploring its ability to integrate other online resources.


Intermediate Blackboard Workshop

This hands-on session is designed for instructors, graduate assistants, and staff who have prior experience Blackboard but would like to explore Blackboard’s features (especially Assignment Objects and Grade Center) in more depth, including

  • Adding Columns in Grade Center
  • Rearranging Grade Center Columns
  • Working with Weighted Totals
  • Setting up an Assignment Object for students to submit papers to Blackboard


Synchronous/Web Conferencing Tools

In this workshop, we will look at web conferencing tools, which are used to conduct live classroom sessions over the web.  For example, a faculty member and students can all be at home and still engage in teaching and learning activities through the conferencing software.  Come to this workshop to find out how these tools might work for your needs.


Introduction to Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

Qualtrics is an online survey program that allows you to create dynamic online surveys.  The first half of the session will cover the building of surveys, including creating a survey, exploring survey options, and distributing a survey. The second half of the session will explore respondent statistics, including generating online reports, setting up filters (creating subgroups, drill downs, etc.), and exporting raw data.


Intermediate Training on Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey program with many advanced features that we will cover in this training. Advanced survey management, creation and analysis are specifically taught in this training.


Overview of the Teaching with Technology Grants

The will be a presentation providing an overview of the submission process for Technology Grants.  The presenters will provide highlights of the achievements of the previous round of Teaching with Technology Grants.  Please feel free to bring your ideas for grant proposals and the presenters will work with you in developing the proposals.


Introduction to NetSupport

NetSupport is a computer monitoring program that faculty can use to control the student interface experience in our computing lab facilities at Baruch College. The program allows for controlling the student-experience during instructor demonstrations and exams, quickly distributing a set of files to each student computer, interactive learning and more.

In particular, from the instructor station of a lab, faculty members can perform the following:

  • Watch, share or control each student’s screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Block student use, either temporarily or permanently, of applications, functions, websites, webpages, etc.
  • Transfer and manipulate files between workstations using the “drag and drop” feature
  • View more than one student screen at a time as “thumbnails” on the instructor screen
  • Launch an application, video, PowerPoint, etc. on one, many or all student workstations
  • Display a selected student’s screen to other students
  • "Push out" the instructor screen to selected or all student screens
  • "Blank out" all student screens temporarily so that the student focus is exclusively on the instructor

NetSupport is a powerful application, which is capable of performing many other functions than those listed above. This session will provide a basic introduction to and demonstration of the software.



Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

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