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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Equipment Instruction Manuals - Newman Vertical Campus Lectern

Playing a Video Tape

   photo of control panel
photo of VCR

1) First, make sure the ceiling projector is on, See "Turning on the Ceiling Projector" for detailed instructions.

2) Press the button marked "VCR" on the control panel.

3) For sound: 4) Turn on the VCR by pressing the power button.

5) Insert your VHS tape and press play.

6) Adjust volume using the volume knob on the control panel.

7) When you are finished eject tape and take it with you.

Please turn off the VCR, the projector and the speaker when your presentation is finished.
See "Turning on the Ceiling Projector" for instructions on shutting off the projector

Tech Support Hotline: 646-312-1010