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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

About BCTC - Mission and Organization

Baruch Computing and Technology Center
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Student Help Desk Request Form

The Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC), provides access to information and communication technologies for students, faculty and staff throughout the Baruch community. Campus wide support of telephony, videoconferencing, computer networking communication systems, campus electronic mail, campus file servers, distance learning and media services equipment distribution are included in the services of the BCTC.

The BCTC, located within the Newman library building, provides computing and networking support services to the 6th floor open student lab areas as well as all administrative staff throughout the Baruch Community. The Zicklin School of Business, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, School of Public Affairs, Newman Library and Continuing Studies each have their own respective support staff technicians.

The Learning Net features the Peter Jay Sharp Online Student System which has been funded by the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation to provide Baruch College students with easy access to an array of web based resources. This initial implementation of the Sharp Online System includes Blackboard, a course management system for remote access to courses and course information. Future implementations will include access to registration and advisement tools.

The HELP DESK responds to problems dealing with computer hardware and software, network services, telephone service and media services. The HELP DESK number is to be called for Baruch College problems relating to the services for faculty, staff and staff serviced by the BCTC.

Help Desk service is intended to aid students in the use of computing equipment on campus, course-related software and College computing services such as Blackboard and WebMail. The Help Desk cannot troubleshoot problems with personal computers, Internet Service Providers, or software that has been installed on students computers.

WebMail is the Official Student E-mail of Baruch. Baruch WebMail accounts are assigned to currently enrolled students as an official means of communication regarding academic and administrative matters. Students are responsible for all information sent to them via the College-assigned e-mail account. Students are required to check their Baruch WebMail account on a frequent and regular basis, because certain messages may be time-critical.

Baruch E-mail accounts are assigned to current employees and faculty and staff can request a Baruch email using the on-line form. This account is accessible from within the Baruch College Campus, as well as remotely via any Internet Service Provider or in most cases a web browser.

The primary function of the Media Resources Department ( ) at Baruch College is to provide audio-visual assistance to the college faculty. In addition, it provides instructional support for video production classes, consultation with faculty on media development and special events support.  The current semester training schedule is now available.