Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Baruch College, City University of New York. Our department consists of 25 full-time faculty who take a great deal of pride in offering the highest quality education to both undergraduate and graduate students in preparing them for positions in the academic or industry sectors. Our faculty have strengths in industrial-organizational, clinical, social, cognitive and developmental psychology, as well as cognitive neuroscience.

At the undergraduate level we offer a 25-credit BA in Psychology through the Weissman School of Arts that is designed to provide students with an exceptionally well-rounded education in psychology. It is focused on developing students’ understanding of Psychology as the science of human mind and the behaviors they exhibit. Although grounded in science, psychology also has extensive application to everyday life, including applications to how people, communities and organizations can function better. Our Psychology major, one of most popular undergraduate majors in the nation, will prepare students to go on for PhD or Master’s level graduate education in all concentrations of psychology, or to directly enter the workforce. 

Uniquely, we also offer a 25-credit BBA in Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology through the Zicklin School of Business. This major provides students who have a Business core curriculum with a focused education in IO psychology, one of the fastest growing and highest paying sub-disciplines within Psychology.

At the post-graduate level, we also offer a Master's program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Master’s in Mental Health Counseling. These programs are tailored to students who are looking to advance their understanding and earning potential in these areas. After a 2-year program of study, students are prepared to engage as professionals in these fields.

Many of our faculty are also Doctoral Faculty of the Graduate Center of CUNY, meaning that they participate in PhD-level training of students toward doctoral degrees in Psychology. Although the largest concentration of faculty participate in the Industrial and Organizational (IO) Psychology Training Area, we also have faculty in the Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience (BCN) and Basic and Applied Social Psychology (BASP) Training Areas.

For undergraduates in particular, there is often a focus on completing required courses for the major and “ticking off the boxes” on the degree audit as they race toward the finish line (graduation!). But coursework is only part of the educational experience of a Psychology student. Our department is committed to High Impact Practices (HIP) in education, which are educational practices that engage the student and take their learning to the next level, such as research and internship experiences. We strongly encourage students to learn about research and clinical practicum opportunities as soon as they declare their major – or even before. Our faculty are dedicated to providing a scholarly environment in which students will flourish and we encourage students to reach out an engage with this environment to the fullest extent.

You can start to learn more about us through this web site, but it would be even better to schedule an appointment with a faculty member advisor (come to 8-115) to arrange to meet with someone in person.

We hope to see you soon!


Jennifer Mangels

The City University of New York