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Michael Hankinson

Assistant Professor

American Politics






Phone: (646) 312-4421

Office: VC 5-271



Professor Hankinson (MA, PhD, Harvard University) specializes in public policy, political behavior, and political psychology. His research grapples with the effect of scale on democracy. How should we decide where to put things that society needs, but nobody wants nearby? Professor Hankinson's work spans policy areas from housing affordability, to the opioids crisis, to infrastructure development. His research has been published in scholarly journals such as The American Political Science Review and Social Forces.



Hankinson, Michael. “When Do Renters Behave Like Homeowners? High Rent, Price Anxiety, and NIMBYism”, forthcoming, American Political Science Review.

Hwang, Jackelyn, Michael Hankinson, and Kreg Steven Brown. 2015. “Racial and Spatial Targeting: How Segregation Affected Subprime Lending and the Housing Crisis.Social Forces 93(3): 1081-1108.


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