David Pereplyotchik

Email: res.cogitans@gmail.com
Phone: 646-312-4367

Location: VC 5-295


David Pereplyotchik is an adjunct lecturer at Baruch College.  He will receive his Ph.D. in 2011 from the CUNY Graduate Center, where he studies with Professors Michael Devitt, Janet Dean Fodor, Stephen Neale, and David Rosenthal.  His dissertation, The Psychological Import of Syntactic Theory, addresses issues at the interface between philosophy and psycholinguistics—specifically, the metaphysics of linguistic expressions, the methodology of linguistic theory, and the psychological reality of syntactic rules and principles.

He has taught courses in Philosophy and Psychology at Baruch College since 2004.  A graduate of New York University and a former CUNY Writing Fellow, he has written several articles in philosophy and cognitive science, publishing in journals such as Behavioral and Brain SciencesConsciousness and Cognition, and the Croatian Journal of Philosophy.  These publications reflect an active interest in theories of consciousness, mental representation, and linguistic meaning.

The City University of New York