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Gisele Regatao is a multimedia journalist who has reported and edited stories for podcasts, radio, online and print publications in New York, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Mexico City and some smaller cities.

In the past few years, she has created several podcasts, including the radionovela Celestial Blood, released both in English and Spanish, and Hyperallergic, about visual arts. She has also contributed to national publications such as PRI's The World and international ones, like the Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico.

Before that, she worked at WNYC for ten years in three roles – senior culture editor, executive producer of news and executive producer of the music talk show Soundcheck.

She started working in public radio at KCRW in Los Angeles, where she was managing producer of both a national and a local current affairs shows.

During her career, Gisele has covered everything from the troubled railroad system in Latin America to racial tensions in Los Angeles to why the Broadway audience is so female. She has also coordinated the coverage of several breaking news events including the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Originally from Brazil, Gisele has a Master’s in Business Journalism from Baruch College and a bachelor’s in Journalism from Universidade de São Paulo.

She also teaches podcasting at Columbia University and has taught before at Brooklyn College and The New School.​

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