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Majoring in history opens many doors -- past, present, and future. Studying history not only brings the past to life, its views and vision help explain our world in the present as a series of systems and cultures undergoing rapid change. All history courses are grounded in a concern for analytic skills, the careful reading of complex materials, an appreciation of cultural variations, the shaping power of context and environment on people's actions, and sophisticated writing that can serve the analysis of complex events.

If you become a history major your future is wide open to many careers. Not only graduate schools, but law schools, business schools, and managers in the public and private sectors welcome history majors. Recruiters value the knowledge and skills a history major brings to the table, such as intellectual depth, analytical ability, research expertise, and data interpretation.

A major in history will serve any Baruch student well. During the undergraduate years our majors and minors are showered with personal attention. After graduation -­ as a citizen, a family member, an employee, or an entrepreneur -- a person can acquire no better general education than history provides. Alumni tell us that their courses in history made them better citizens and stimulated a curiosity that has stayed with them.

One of our graduates teaches military history at the United States Marine Academy, another is a basketball coach, and another is the chair of the Department of History at CUNY’s Graduate Center. Two recent history majors are in graduate school at the very prestigious University of Pennsylvania and the University of Virginia.

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