Feit Interdisciplinary Seminars

Feit Seminars, endowed by the late Charles Feit ('48), bring together two or more instructors from different departments in the college and a small select group of students. Seminars speak to important themes and issues not ordinarily covered in the standard Weissman curriculum and reflect the special interests and research areas of our faculty.

Feit Seminars are forums for creativity and intellectual daring, and are also just plain fun. Students in these classes make life-long friendships with each other and their teachers as well.

The very intimacy that makes these seminars such a joy to take makes them hard to get into; classes meet in the Feit Seminar Room located on the eighth floor of the Vertical Campus (B8-190), which can accommodate no more than 20 persons. Don't put off requesting permission to register from:

Professor Michael Staub
Office: VC 7-282, Box 7-240
Phone: 646-312-3944
E-mail: michael.staub@baruch.cuny.edu

FEIT COURSES spring 2019




For further information consult the Undergraduate Bulletin.

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