Prof. Carmel JordanCarmel Jordan


Location: VC 7-287
Phone: (646) 312-3943


Carmel Jordan is an Associate Professor of English specializing in Modern British and Irish Literature with a special interest in Gothic and Romantic Literature (both English and Irish).  A native Dubliner, she holds a B.A. in English and Russian and an M.A. and Ph.D. (Fordham University).
Professor Jordan has published a book on William Butler Yeats entitled A Terrible Beauty: The Easter Rebellion and Yeats’s Great Tapestry, and numerous articles on English and Irish literature.  A year spent at Moscow University and numerous other trips to Russia for seminars and conferences deepened her passion for Russian language, literature and culture, and these are also reflected in her research interests.  Professor Jordan received the Presidential Excellence Award for Scholarship for her article entitled “Soviet Archeology and the Setting of the Squire’s Tale” which was published in The Chaucer Review.  In addition to teaching the Great Works courses (2850), she teaches Modern Irish Writers, Gothic Literature, Romantic Revolt, and A Survey of British literature.

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