Elisabeth Gareis

Elisabeth Gareis

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Phone: (646) 312-3731
Location: VC 8236

Elisabeth Gareis


Elisabeth Gareis holds a B. A. in English and German from the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen (Germany), an M. A. in German (literature and linguistics) from the University of Georgia, and an Ed.D. in Foreign Language Education from the University of Georgia. 

Prof. Gareis teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in communication studies, with a special focus on intercultural communication. The courses are offered in a variety of face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats.

Prof. Gareis' research interest is in intercultural friendship and its role in prejudice reduction and the success of international sojourns. For an overview of this topic, see her entry in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. Prof. Gareis' research on friendship formation between international and domestic students has been widely covered in the media and is used in higher education institutions for domestic/international student integration. For examples, see The Chronicle of Higher Education, InsideHigherEd, and USA Today, an interview with Professor Gareis on Voice of America, or a video by the School of Visual Arts (SVA) on intercultural friendship. Related research focuses on the communication of love, with cross-cultural differences and changes in love expression over time serving as access points for examining larger cultural phenomena.

Prof. Gareis is also engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning, specifically in the use of technology in communication education and the integration of nonnative speakers in higher-education settings. In addition to publishing in the field, she has served as contributor to the Teaching Blog as well as coordinator of oral ESL, the International Faculty Development Program, and the Faculty Book Club at Baruch College. More recently, Prof. Gareis co-founded and is serving as faculty advisor of the Conversation Partners Program (CPP), which matches native and nonnative speakers for informal conversations. In recognition of her contributions to the CPP, Prof. Gareis received the Baruch College Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Service in 2018.

Professor Gareis is author of the book Intercultural Friendship: A Qualitative Study, the textbook series A Novel Approach (on the use of literature and film in the language education), and numerous journal articles. Offices held in professional societies include the editorship of NYS TESOL Idiom and membership on the editorial boards of Communication Education, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Journal of International Students, and Journal of Language for International Business.

Selected Publications


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Articles and Chapters in Books

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Note: The article above was co-authored by Baruch undergraduate students.

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Electronic Media

Gareis, E. (Writer, Director), & Belland, J. (Producer). (2006). Tutorial: PowerPoint [Computer Software]. Retrieved from http://www.baruch.cuny.edu/tutorials/powerpoint

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