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Allison Hailey Hahn is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Baruch College, CUNY. She earned a B.A. in Africana Studies, Anthropology, and Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. She was then a Fulbright Research Fellow at the National University of Mongolia, Department of Political Science. After returning to the United States, she earned a Masters of International Development (MID) in Development Planning and Environmental Sustainability and a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Pittsburgh.

Professor Hahn’s research investigates the argumentation and protest strategies used in environmental controversies by pastoral-nomadic communities in Kenya, Tanzania, Mongolia and China. Before coming to Baruch, Professor Hahn directed the University of Pittsburgh Mongolian Field Studies Program, which took students through China, Russia, and Mongolia. She also coached for the Mongolian National Debate Team, the William Pitt Debating Union, and the Soros Foundation Youth Forum.

At Baruch, Professor Hahn offers courses in International Communication, Organizations in International Development, Research Methodology, Global Studies Capstone, and Organizational Responses to Social Movements and Social Media.

Recent Publications

Hahn, A. (in press). Live from the Pastures: An Analysis of Maasai YouTube Protest Videos. To appear in Media Culture and Society.

Hahn, A. (2016). Teaching Persuasion Through Personal Advocacy. Communication Teacher, 30(1).

Hahn, A. (2016). Nomads as Agents of Cultural Change: The Mongols and Their Eurasian Predecessors. [Review of the Book Nomads as Agents of Cultural Change: The Mongols and Their Eurasian Predecessors by Amitai, Reuven; Biran, Michal (editors)]. Nomadic Peoples, 20, 151-155.

Hahn, A. (2014). Disruptive Definition as a Method of Deterritorialization in Modern Argumentative Contexts. International Association for the Study of Argumentation 2014, University of Amsterdam and the International Association for the Study of Argumentation, Amsterdam, Netherlands. July 3, 2014.

Hahn, A. (2013). Because We Once Lived There: Maasai Culture as an Argumentative Resource in the Serengeti. In Sellami, A.L. (Ed.), Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate and Pedagogy: Proceedings of the 2013 4th
International Conference on Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate, and Pedagogy
(pp. 25-36). Doha, January 11–13, 2013.

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The City University of New York