Creating an Outline

Design Guidelines

1. Keep It Simple
2. 6x6 Rule
3. Make It Easy to Read
4. Focus on Visuals
---- Tables
---- Image Composition
---- Image Quality
---- Diagrams and Charts
---- Graphs
5. Avoid Errors
6. Insert Blank Slide

Delivery Guidelines

1. Practice with AV Aids
2. Speak with Technique
3. Remain in Control
4. Make Content Clear
5. Navigate Smoothly
6. Answer with Skill




Human Rights Quiz

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Presentation Delivery

Now that you've completed the delivery tutorial, you may want to visit the Resources section to print the Delivery Guidelines.

You can also navigate to individual videos or slides if you wish to review specific guidelines, study the Pros/Cons of PowerPoint presentations, or take the Quiz on the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.

Good Luck!

Effective Use of PowerPoint