Creating an Outline

Design Guidelines

1. Keep It Simple
2. 6x6 Rule
3. Make It Easy to Read
4. Focus on Visuals
---- Tables
---- Image Composition
---- Image Quality
---- Diagrams and Charts
---- Graphs
5. Avoid Errors
6. Insert Blank Slide

Delivery Guidelines

1. Practice with AV Aids
2. Speak with Technique
3. Remain in Control
4. Make Content Clear
5. Navigate Smoothly
6. Answer with Skill




Human Rights Quiz

Presentation Design

In this tutorial, you will see two slides compared side-by-side, each illustrating a Design Guideline. Compare each slide and then select the one that you feel best represents an effective PowerPoint Slide. A pop-up window will tell you if you are correct.

Continue to the end of the tutorial by using the "Next Example" button located just to the right of the slide title.

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Effective Use of PowerPoint