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General Contact Information

Phone: 646-312-4305

Fax: 646-312-4306

Walk-In Address:

Newman Vertical Campus

Room 5-220

Office of Testing and Evaluation

Mission Statement

Baruch College - Office of Testing and Evaluation
Newman Vertical Campus, 5-220 (5th Floor)

Phone: 646-312-4305
Fax: 646-312-4306

The Office of Testing and Evaluation is a component of the Division for Enrollment Management and Strategic Academic Initiatives. Our mission is to provide quality assessment and evaluation support through the collection and processing of tests and evaluation data. The Office of Testing and Evaluation's activities incorporate the following values: work meets the needs of the academic department or individual, work is timely, accurate and reliable, information is readily available to those who need it and secure from those who do not. Our staff is committed to the following ideals: professionalism, responsiveness, thoroughness, accessibility, friendliness and sensitivity to data confidentiality.