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Office of Human Resources


Every one of our staff of dozens of employees is a dedicated professional and a specialist in his or her field. We invite you to contact the appropriate staff member if you have a question or a problem in his or her area.




Executive Director of Human Resources

Andrea Caviness

Andrea Caviness

(646) 660-6596

Associate Director, Compensation, Recruitment and HR Information Systems

joseph marte

Joseph Marte

(646) 660-6599

HR Coordinator
Compensation and HRIS

lasia bailey

Iasia Bailey
(646) 660-6608

CUNY Adminstrative Assistant
Instructional and Non-Instructional Time & Leave Coordinator

robert gerl

Robert Gerl

(646) 660-6611

CUNY Office Assistant, Adjunct Coordinator


Suzanne Bernfeld

(646) 660-6616

CUNY Office Assistant, White Collar Timekeeper

zahidel alvarado

Zahidel Alvarado

(646) 660-6595

HR Coordinator


Ronald Quach
(646) 660-6620

HR Coordinator

joan zaw

Joan Zaw Albayrak

(646) 660-6598

CUNY Office Assistant,
HR Operations Assistant

Chelsea Rutuelo
(646) 660-6602

HR Generalist
Systems Analyst

priscila reynoso

Priscila Reynoso

(646) 660-6617

Data Integrity Coordinator

cindy oquendo

Cindy Oquendo

(646) 660-6603

Employment and Recruitment Specialist

Elma Cruz

Elma Cruz

(646) 660-6594
HR Coordinator
Employment & Recruitment Assistant
Eubie Toro-Rodriguez
(646) 660-6601
HR Coordinator

Debbie Poon
(646) 660-6618

Comments & Questions

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Phone Number: 646-660-6590
Fax Number: 646-660-6614

Do not use this information to request admissions information, to contact an individual not within the department or request forms. If you have questions regarding Multiple Position Reporting or JCOPE inquires, please contact the Office of the Executive Legal Counsel at 646-312-4545, for other individuals, you may refer to the Baruch College Faculty and Staff Directory