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Office of Human Resources

Office of Human Resources

May 10, 2010

TO: Baruch College Community
FROM: Elizabeth Robinson, Director of Human Resources
RE: Smoke-Free Campus

Baruch College became a smoke-free campus in 1994. Smoking is prohibited inside all facilities owned, leased, or operated by Baruch College, including individual offices and entry canopies. This policy is in compliance with the "No Smoking Policy" adopted by the Board of Trustees on September 29, 1995, and which became effective as a University-wide policy on January 1, 1995.

No smoking is permitted within 20 feet of any building door, window or air intake. 

Smoking is limited to outdoor designated smoking areas.  These areas will be identified with signage.  All other areas outside of our building are smoke free zones.  The smoking areas are located between Third Avenue and Lexington Avenue in the following three spots:

  • On the south side of East 25th Street, mid-block
  • On the north side of East 25th Street, closer to Third Avenue
  • On the north side of East 24th Street, closer to Lexington Avenue

Smokers are responsible for the proper and safe disposal of smoking materials in designated smoking receptacles.

This policy protects the rights of non-smokers to enjoy a smoke free environment. It relies on the cooperation of the entire college community, smokers and non-smokers. It is the responsibility of all members of our college community to observe the smoking policy and to direct those who choose to smoke to do so only in the designated smoking areas.  The campus community is responsible for notifying guests of the smoking policy and ensuring that they abide by the policy.

Your response as a community to this policy has been gratifying, and has greatly contributed to a healthier environment. There are, however, occasional reports that individuals are smoking on the premises. Since the scientific evidence confirms the dangers of second hand smoke, once again I am asking all of you to cooperate to the fullest extent in complying with this policy. 

Employees who have questions regarding the policy should feel free to contact me at (646) 660-6590.