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Terms of Service Agreement for Baruch Student Username and BaruchMail (Office365) Accounts

Users of technological services at Baruch must comply with the following Terms of Service, as well as with the official statement of CUNY Computer User Responsibilities.

  1. BaruchMail services should be used lawfully, ethically, courteously, and reasonably.
  2. BaruchMail is provided to support the educational mission of Baruch College.
  3. BaruchMail may not be used for commercial purposes or for illegal, unethical or unauthorized activities. Users may not destroy or damage equipment, software or data.
  4. Chain letters, unrestricted bulk e-mail, junk e-mail, "Who are you?" messages, and obscene or harassing messages are not permitted.
  5. The use or attempted use of a false identity is prohibited. Users may not "hack", gain or try to gain access to (a) any computer system, files or messages for which they are not authorized, or to (b)any computer account other than their own.
  6. BaruchMail and Baruch Username accounts and passwords may not be shared.
  7. Users may not send copies of documents in violation of copyright laws.
  8. Users are asked to take care in subscribing to mailing lists and in sending large messages, multiple copies, etc. BCTC will maintain control over the amount of system resources allocated to users, and may change its resource quotas at any time. Users are expected to keep their e-mail size below system quotas, so that new messages may be received.
  9. Users who violate the Terms of Service may be subject to appropriate disciplinary procedures.
  10. Attempts to read another person's e-mail or other protected files will be treated as a serious matter. However, the privacy of e-mail messages cannot be guaranteed. (For more information, see the "Privacy" section located at the bottom of the Baruch website.
  11. Unread e-mail and e-mail stored in trash folders are automatically deleted from BaruchMail accounts after 30 days.
  12. These Terms of Service are subject to amendment.

Office365 Student Email System

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