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The datasets on this page were produced by the GIS Lab at the Newman Library of Baruch College, CUNY using the Data Feeds from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). They represent NYC transit bus, rail, and subway routes and stops. It was created so that members of the public would have access to well-documented and readily-usable GIS layers of NYC mass transit features. The point and line layers are in a shapefile format, projected in NAD 83 NY State Plane Long Island (feet). The route files for the subway and the railroads include style files for QGIS (.qml) and ArcGIS (.lyr).

Please review the metadata for a description of the contents, creation, and use limitations of the shapefiles. The data is intended for non-commercial use for basic geographic analysis and mapping purposes, and will be updated bi-annually. This page contains the most recent version of the data (May 2016). For previous version see the NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers Archive.

Sample Maps Created Using the Layers


PLEASE NOTE - each borough file may include, or may be missing, routes and stops for buses that originate in a neighboring borough.

For additional details, see Bus Stops and Routes for Queens Split Across Two Files.

DateNameFeaturesFile TypeDownloadMetadata
2016 - MayBrooklyn Bus Routeslinesshapefileroutes_bk_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayBrooklyn Bus Stopspointsshapefilestops_bk_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayBronx Bus Routeslinesshapefileroutes_bx_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayBronx Bus Stopspointsshapefilestops_bx_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayManhattan Bus Routeslinesshapefileroutes_mn_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayManhattan Bus Stopspointsshapefilestops_mn_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayEastern Queens Bus Routeslinesshapefileroutes_qn_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayEastern Queens Bus Stopspointsshapefilestops_qn_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayStaten Island Bus Routeslinesshapefileroutes_si_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayStaten Island Bus Stopspointsshapefilestops_si_bus_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayWestern Queens and Bus Company Routeslinesshapefileroutes_bus_company_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayWestern Queens and Bus Company Stopspointsshapefilestops_bus_company_may2016.zipXML / PDF


PLEASE NOTE - the route file for Metro North is highly generalized and is not appropriate for detailed reference mapping at or below the county level.

DateNameFeaturesFile TypeDownloadMetadata
2016 - MayLIRR Routeslinesshapefileroutes_lirr_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayLIRR Stopspointsshapefilestops_lirr_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayMetro-North Routeslinesshapefileroutes_metro_north_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayMetro-North Stopspointsshapefilestops_metro_north_may2016.zipXML / PDF
2016 - MayMetro-North Bronx Shuttle Bus Stopspointsshapefile stops_metro_north_bxbus_may2016.zipXML / PDF


DateNameFeaturesFile TypeDownloadMetadata
2016 - MaySubway XML / PDF
2016 - MaySubway XML / PDF
2016 - MaySubway Station XML / PDF



Disclaimer: Every effort was made to insure that the data, which was compiled from public sources, was processed accurately. The creator, Baruch College, and CUNY disclaim any liability for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may be contained therein or for any damages that may arise from the foregoing. Users should independently verify the accuracy of the data for their purposes.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has not created nor do they endorse the datasets provided on this site. However, as the data was derived from MTA sources it is subject to the terms and conditions presented here:


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