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The MBA in marketing allows students to select courses from a broad range of marketing areas (advertising, international marketing, Internet marketing) and is designed to prepare students for careers in marketing. The Department of Marketing and International Business offers a wide array of courses, and students may tailor the major to reflect their individual needs and interests. The elective courses listed below are subject to change and typically include additional choices.  Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty advisor to help them in their selection of courses.

For students who wish an even greater degree of specialization in marketing, an MS degree is also offered by the department. This is a 30-credit program such that all courses are taken in the Department of Marketing and International Business. (For a discussion of the MS.)

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Major Courses    (12 credits)

Required*    (6 credits)
MKT 9702 Marketing Research3 credits
MKT 9716 Consumer Behavior3 credits

Electives    (6 credits)
To complete their major, students can choose two additional courses from any offered by the Department of Marketing and International Business (MKT). The department has a wide array of courses covering a number of areas. Accordingly, students may tailor the major to their individual needs and interests. At the same time, students with an interest in specific areas of advertising, Internet marketing, or international marketing are advised to take courses within that area as follows:

MKT 9701 Advertising and Marketing Communications3 credits
MKT 9725 Advertising Copy Techniques3 credits
MKT 9726 Direct Marketing I3 credits
MKT 9728 Media Planning and Analysis3 credits

International Marketing
MKT 9763 International Trade Operations3 credits
MKT 9766 International Marketing Management3 credits
MKT 9774 International Logistics3 credits

Internet Marketing
MKT 9764 Internet Marketing and Global Business3 credits
MKT 9780 Digital Marketing3 credits
MKT 9781 Internet and Entrepreneurship3 credits

*Generally, waivers will not be given for MKT 9702 and 9716. Students who think they have the appropriate background that warrants waiving these courses should contact the department chair. 

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