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Datasets on this page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


PLEASE NOTE - each borough file may include, or may be missing, routes and stops for buses that originate in a neighboring borough.

NameFeaturesFile TypeDownloadMetadata
Brooklyn Bus Routeslinesshapefile routes_bk_bus_may2015.zipXML
Brooklyn Bus Stopspointsshapefile stops_bk_bus_may2015.zipXML
Bronx Bus Routeslinesshapefile routes_bx_bus_may2015.zipXML
Bronx Bus Stopspointsshapefile stops_bx_bus_may2015.zipXML
Manhattan Bus Routeslinesshapefile routes_mn_bus_may2015.zipXML
Manhattan Bus Stopspointsshapefile stops_mn_bus_may2015.zipXML
Queens Bus Routeslinesshapefile routes_qn_bus_may2015.zipXML
Queens Bus Stopspointsshapefile stops_qn_bus_may2015.zipXML
Staten Island Bus Routeslinesshapefile routes_si_bus_may2015.zipXML
Staten Island Bus Stopspointsshapefile stops_si_bus_may2015.zipXML
Bus Company Routeslinesshapefile routes_bus_company_may2015.zipXML
Bus Company Stopspointsshapefile stops_bus_company_may2015.zipXML


PLEASE NOTE - the route file for Metro North is highly generalized and is not appropriate for detailed reference mapping at or below the county level.

NameFeaturesFile TypeDownloadMetadata
LIRR Routeslinesshapefile routes_lirr_may2015.zipXML
LIRR Stopspointsshapefile stops_lirr_may2015.zipXML
Metro-North Routeslinesshapefile routes_metro_north_may2015.zipXML
Metro-North Stopspointsshapefile stops_metro_north_may2015.zipXML
Metro-North Bronx Shuttle Bus Stopspointsshapefile stops_metro_north_bxbus_may2015.zipXML