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Baruch OnlyUM China Data Center Datasetsprovincial, county, and prefecture boundaries, features, and census data for China
PublicCUNY Campus Facilitiescampus buildings and properties for the City University of New York
PublicDRG's for NYC Metroscanned and georeferenced USGS historic topographic maps for the NYC metro area
PublicExternal Links to Datalinks to websites with free GIS data for the world, the US, New York State, and New York City
CUNY OnlyESRI International Datafeatures for the world, Canada, Mexico, and Europe
CUNY OnlyESRI USA Datafeatures for the United States, including census areas, hyrdography, landmarks, topography, and transportation
PublicMapPLUTO 2008tax parcel and real estate datasets for NYC
PublicNYC Geodatabasegeodatabase of features and census data for NYC
PublicNYC Mass Transit Spatial Layerspublicly available city and metro area transit features including: buses, subways, and trains
Baruch OnlyNYC Transportation Datacity and metro area transportation features including: buses, subways, trains, and truck routes
Baruch OnlyReferenceUSA Historicalrecords for individual US businesses with XY coordinates
PublicUS Census Population Centroidspoint features representing the center of a population's distribution