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The National Urban Fellows (NUF) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for leadership positions in the public and nonprofit sectors. The NUF-MPA requires students to complete their coursework in 14-months. Students take 21 credits on-campus during two intensive summer sessions. In the fall and spring semesters, fellows complete the remaining MPA coursework online while also receiving academic credit for working full-time in a nine-month mentorship assignment in a public or nonprofit organization. Each fellow receives a monthly stipend, health insurance, a book allowance, relocation and travel reimbursement, and full payment of Baruch College tuition. There is a competitive admission process, including a written application followed by an in-person interview. NUF maintains an extensive alumni network that connects students to a wide range of public service careers.


National Urban Fellows- MPA
Summer  (12 credits)

Introduction to Public Affairs

3 credits

Communication in Public Settings 

3 credits
Research and Analysis I 3 credits
Research and Analysis II 3 credits

Fall  (9 credits)

Public and Nonprofit Management I 3 credits

Budgeting and Financial Analysis I

3 credits
Mentorship in Public Affairs 3 credits
Spring  (12 credits)

Public and Nonprofit Management II

3 credits
Leadership and Strategy in Public Affairs 3 credits
Capstone Seminar 3 credits


Educational Policy


Health Politics and Policy Making

3 credits
Summer  (9 credits)
Economic Analysis and Public Policy 3 credits
Budgeting and Finance for Nonprofits 3 credits
Policy Analysis 3 credits
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