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We just completed an update for the NYC Mass Transit Spatial Layers series where we've created new data for the bus and express bus stops and routes. This update is a big one, as there were significant changes to bus stops and routes in Staten Island. We also updated the subway stops layer as a new attribute column was available that indicates whether the stop is underground, above ground, or elevated. We chose not to update the subway routes or any of the rail layers; for one thing there are no changes from the current source data and the last published version. The other reason is that we make a number of manual fixes to points and lines because the data is bad (Metro North) or the MTA has failed to update it (the subway routes file in the GTFS static feed still does not include the 2nd avenue subway, two years after it opened). Rather than redo all of our work, we're keeping the same files since there were no actual changes.

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