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College Now


What is the application deadline for the College Experience?

Can I apply if I am taking the SAT in May or June?

Can I apply if I am taking the Regents in May or June??

How much does the College Now summer program cost??

Can I attend only the college course??

What happens if I cannot attend the program every day?

Can I sign up for more than one course??

Will the credits that I earn at Baruch College transfer to a different college??

Will I receive a Baruch College I.D. card??

What facilities will I have access to ??

Does College Now provide textbooks?

Does College Now provide lunch??

Does College Now provide transportation??

How many students attend the summer program?

How many students will be in my class?

Online Application FAQ

Do I have the option of completing the CNOW application online or doing it manually?

What exactly are the requirements to get accepted into the program?

Do I have to attend a new student orientation?

If I choose to do an online application, is the acceptance process any faster?

What if I do not have all the required forms listed on the application?

Is there proof of health records needed?

Is an essay required as part of the application process? Can it be uploaded?

How do I upload required documents as a part of submitting my application online?

How many courses can be selected using the online version?

Are there tutoring sessions available for selected courses?

What browsers are compatible for using this application?

What documents can I upload along with submitting the online form?