Interview Preparation
We offer a number of interviewing related workshops

Get Started

The interview is your opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. You want to convince the employer that he should hire YOU rather than someone else! The key to a successful interview is preparation! The SCDC offers a number of workshops on interviewing. Be sure to check the calendar in Starr Search to find out the dates, times and location of these workshops. You may sign up for a videotaped mock interview to practice your interviewing skills after you have attended an interviewing workshop. Make sure to dress for success!
All Freshmen and Sophomores wanting a mock interview must first take the Basic Interviewing Workshop

Thank You Letters

The thank you note is a very important step in the interview process. It could make the difference between receiving an offer or not. It should be sent within 24 hours after your interview. Here are some general guidelines:
  • Thank the interviewer for meeting with you, reiterate your enthusiasm for the position and employer, and reinforce your strengths.
  • Try to personalize the note based on your discussion with the interviewer. Be sure to keep it short and to check your spelling, grammar and typing!
  • Thank you notes are now first sent by email and then followed-up with a printed note sent by regular mail.
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