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Baruch College offers a variety of business, liberal arts and sciences, and public affairs majors

Hiring at Baruch

Through the Starr Career Development Center, employers have access to current undergraduate students, recent graduates and alumni.

The Starr Career Development Center (SCDC) provides career services to over 15,000 undergraduates at Baruch College.

Baruch students are tireless success-seekers, frequently juggling multiple roles as student, worker, and family provider. Employers are impressed by their technical skills and drive and return year after year to access this highly qualified group of candidates. Most have significant work experience upon graduation, and a large number work their way through college. Over 83% of the senior class used one or more of the services of the Starr Career Development Center during their academic career. We have over 7000 student visits per year.

Last year there were over 360,000 logins to Starr Search and over 178,000 applications submitted online.

In 2014/15, there were 1715 on campus interviews and 11,013 jobs and internships were posted online.


Starr Employers

The Starr Employer program is an opportunity for employers to expand their partnership with the Baruch College Starr Career Development Center.

The benefits to joining the Baruch College Starr Employer Program include
  • The placement of your logo on our homepage with a link to your company's website
  • A fee waiver for our 2 annual career fairs
  • Ongoing publicity for your company on our promotional materials for career fairs and corporate presentations
Starr Employers support Baruch undergraduate students through a $5000 sponsorship of our career development programs which prepare students to become excellent candidates for professional positions in their companies.

Please let us know if we can include your company in our list of dedicated, generous employers.

For more information contact Ingrid Tineo via email. Checks should be made out to the Baruch College Fund.
Starr Employers