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Office of Planning and Budget

Financial Reporting and Planning Tools

Budget & Expenditure Reporting for Tax-Levy & IFR

CUNYfirst Data

  • YTD Budget vs. YTD Expenditures
    Provides expenditures, encumbrances and remaining amount of year-to-date budget currently available. Data can be filtered by department, account (PSR, Adjunct, Temp, OTPS), and program code. Budget amounts reflect only those levels currently made available for distribution by the University. Updated each business day.  To access this report, go to the Tax-Levy_&_IFR Resources folder in your Shares (S:) drive.
  • OTPS Transaction Report
    Provides detailed information for each requisition (encumbrance date & amount, travel authorization number, NYS payment reference number, etc.). Use to answer questions such as: whether a vendor or traveler has been paid/reimbursed; remaining encumbrance level; and purchase order number. Encumbrance and pre-encumbrance information updated hourly; payment information updated daily. To run report, follow instructions from: OTPS Expenditure Report Job Aid
  • Full-Time, Adjunct, & Part-Time Staff Positions for Manager’s Area of Responsibility
    Accessible by department managers, division heads, and their delegates. Updated on an ongoing basis. To view positions you manage: Log in to CUNYfirst (CF) and navigate to: HR/Campus Solutions-> Manager Self-Service-> Job and Personal Information-> Request New/Change Position. Managers should also review the information and instructions available on the Position Management section of Baruch’s website:

Baruch’s Local Systems Data

  • Tax-Levy & IFR Annual Budget Authority
    Provides full budget authority levels for fiscal year by division, department and account. Reflects departmental budget levels that Baruch projects will be in place by end of the year but that the University has yet to make available for distribution in CUNYfirst. Updated on an on-going basis. To access this report, go to the Tax-Levy_&_IFR Resources folder in your Shares (S:) drive
  • Full-Time Staff Position Commitments
    Shows the fiscal year amounts set aside for each Full-Time, CUNYfirst position. Issued to Baruch’s divisional business managers at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  • Adjunct & Part-Time Staff Commitments (Year-to-Date Only)
    Reports and sub-totals committed amounts for approved electronic Personnel Action Forms for the fiscal year.  Baruch ePAF users can run reports from the college’s ePAF System.

Other Budgeting & Financial Planning Tools

  • IFR Employee Cost Calculator
    Spreadsheet that can be used to calculate the fringe benefit and overhead costs of hiring a New York State employee funded with Non-Tax-Levy dollars.
     IFR Employee Cost Calculator
  • Operating Budget Calendar
    Attached is the month by month list of activities related to budget development, beginning with the start of the fiscal year. The information in italics is activities engaged in by the State and CUNY; the information that is in a regular font is the College’s activities.
    Operating Budget Calendar

For Assistance Using & Understanding these Resources Please Consult Your Divisional Business Manager

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