Rental Information

We rent out our four performance venues: Engelman Recital Hall, Mason Hall, The Rose Nagelberg Theatre, and The Bernie West Theatre.

Rentals include:

Possible additional rental costs are as follows:

*The company renting the Nagelberg Theatre and/or Engelmen Recital Hall must supply the onstage talent, creative team, technical labor (including stage managers, lighting, sound and set designers, board operators, board programmers, lighting electricians, carpenters, running crew, load-in/load-out crew, and liability insurance.) The rental company is also responsible for public marketing.

For availability and rental costs, please send inquiry to: or call (646)312-4099

55 Lexington Ave., NYC
Audience entrance on E. 25th St. between Lexington & 3rd Aves.
Seats: 175

A beautiful, intimate and classic acoustically-sound concert hall with raked seating. The hall houses a Class D Steinway Concert Grand piano, which is available for rentals.

The stage is 21' x 21' downstage (21' x 14' upstage) with a blond hardwood floor. A Strand mini-board offers eight preset cues, and recording within the space is possible.

With near-perfect acoustics, it is a true gem. The NY Times chief classical music critic Anthony Tommasini called the Engelman Recital Hall "a perfect hall for chamber music (4/29/06)."

Engelman Recital Hall Info Sheet
Engelman Recital Hall Usage Guide
Engelman Recital Hall Seating Chart

The Rose Nagelberg Theatre is a state-of-the-art "warehouse" black box theatre at 48' in width, 27' in length, and 21' in height. The seating is somewhat flexible but must stay as an end stage set-up. The maximum seating capacity is 220, which includes the galary level. The floor is oak hardwood, finished in satin black paint. The theatre is equipped with a wire-tension lighting grid that allows for ease of focusing and movement of instruments and an advanced audio system. The Nagelberg Theatre is usually booked 6 months to 1 year in advance, and is used primarily for 1 week to 3 month runs of theatre and modern dance.

Nagelberg Theatre Info Sheet
Nagelberg Theatre Usage Guide
Nagelberg Theatre Seating Chart End Stage

Please Note: The Nagelberg Theatre is unable to accommodate the following: no flying, no wing spaces, limited number of soft-goods. Set building is not allowed on site, and there is limited painting capabilities.

Please Note: We can no longer change the seating configuration for the Nagelberg Theatre.

Please Note: The Rose Nagelberg Theatre is an off-Broadway venue that is only available for weekly rentals, and not available for one-night only performances.

Mason Hall is Baruch College's main auditorium theatre, located on the main floor of the landmark 17 Lexington Ave building at 23rd Street. Mason Hall has 626 seats in the main orchestra level, and 426 seats in the balcony. The stage floor area is 44' x 21'.

Mason Hall has a rich and varied history as the main theatre of the original City University of New York at 23rd Street and Lexington Ave since 1929. As part of Baruch Performing Arts Center (at Baruch College), Mason Hall has been the theatre of choice for many lectures, conferences, speeches and performing arts events. Convenient to many subways and buses, Mason Hall is located in the heart of Manhattan in the Gramercy Park neighborhood.

The Bernie West Theatre is only available in June, July and August of each year

The Bernie West Theatre is located on the 9th Floor of the 17 Lexington building at 23rd Street. A classic black box style with 74 seats, black walls and a deck finished in satin black, the Bernie West Theater is a warm and intimate space with raked end stage audience seating. The approximate playing space is 21' x 30' with a ceiling height of 10'.

Bernie West Theatre Info Sheet
Bernie West Theatre Usage Guide
Bernie West Theatre Seating Chart