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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Tech Policy 2008

Report of the Student Technology Fee Committee                                April 10, 2008


Glenn Albright, Chair, Psychology Department

Glenn Apolinar, Undergraduate Student

Arthur Downing, CIO

Frank Fletcher, Executive Director of Graduate Prorgams, Zicklin School of Business

Bernard Guffmann, Undergraduate Student

Christian Keck, Director of Student Computing, BCTC

Yvette Kelley, Director of Technology, School of Public Affairs

Harry Melo, Undergraduate Student

Shadia Sachedina, Student Affairs Coordinator

Carlos Victoria, Graduate Student

Proposed Funding Priorities for 2008-09

Student Access Computers (20%)

One-third of the student access computers on campus will be replaced, continuing the three-year refreshment cycle of the equipment in the student computing labs.

Staff for Computing Services (20%)

Funds will be used to support staffing for computer laboratories, service desks, and other student computing services.

Digital Library Services (10%)

The Newman Library will maintain subscriptions to full-text electronic resources, online reference services, and e-reserves.

Upgrading Classroom Technology (10%)

The college will replace one-third of the classroom projectors that have reached end of life. The BCTC will investigate the loan of laser mice for classrooms.

User Education and Support (10%)

Funds will be applied toward the continuing employment of two full-time staff members, who assist students at the help desk and teach weekly technology workshops. The funds that had been supporting one staff position that is currently vacant will be used to outsource help desk coverage for 24x7x365 service and supplement desk coverage during peak times. In addition, funds will support increased subscriptions to e-learning accounts, promotional materials, help guides, and training materials.

Online Student Services (7%)

Funds will support the ongoing maintenance of Blackboard, Degreeworks, Starr Search, the online student judicial action application, and a course scheduling manager. The college will aim to introduce an online tool for handling international students’ paperwork, caseload management software in the Counseling Center, an online academic advisement tool, and a web-based tutorial to educate students and faculty regarding the Campus Intervention Team. The college will also investigate the possibility of handling requests for official transcripts and graduation applications online.

Student Laser Printing (6%)

Funds will be applied toward licenses for toner, paper, hardware replacement and print management software. In order to offset the rising cost of paper and toner the print management system will deduct $0.12 from a student’s printing allocation for each b&w print. The deduction for a color print will remain $1.00.

Software for Student Use (5%)

Current software licenses will be renewed and funds will be available to support additional requests from students.

Wireless Network (5%)

Funds will be used to upgrade and expand the campus wireless network. Priority will be given to the student areas on the third floor of the Newman Vertical Campus and the study areas of the library.

Faculty Development (4%)

The BCTC will offer a fourth round of grants to faculty who propose innovative uses of technology in their teaching, especially projects that promote online learning. Funds will also support the acquisition of DVDs, iTunes music, and other digital content for use in courses. E-learning accounts will be shared with faculty.

Assistive Technology (3%)

The Office of Services to Students with Disabilities will identify hardware and software to improve access to computing resources and services.