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Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Report of the Baruch College Technology Fee Committee

May 27, 2004

  • Carlos Arteaga (Graduate Student)
  • Avinash Bhuvaneshwar (Graduate Student)
  • Yochi Cohen-Charash (Assistant Professor, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Arthur Downing, Chair (Assistant Vice President for Information Technology)
  • Dmitriy Gorenshteyn (Undergraduate Student)
  • Yvette Kelly (Director of Technology, School of Public Affairs)
  • Lai Ying Lo (Undergraduate Student)
  • Charles Mujahes (Graduate Student)
  • Noam Nir (Graduate Student)
  • Jason Plummer (Undergraduate Student)
  • Edouard Roland (Undergraduate Student)
  • Phyllis Zadra (Assistant Dean, Zicklin School of Business)
  • Lilia Ziamou (Assistant Professor, Zicklin School of Business)

Student Technology Fee Priorities for 2004-05

The committee recommends that the categories listed below receive the funding percentages indicated.   Although the categories are not ranked, there was consensus that the classroom technology in the 17 Lexington Avenue building deserves immediate attention.

Student Access Computers (22%)
One-third of the student access computers on campus will be replaced.   This will continue the three-year refreshment cycle of the equipment in the student computing labs, as well as support additional web stations and replacements for the laptop loan program.

Staffing for Student Computing Services (22%)
Funds will be used to support computer laboratories, service desks, and other student computing services.   

Digital Library Services (10%)
The Newman Library will maintain subscriptions to full-text electronic resources, online reference services, and e-reserves.

Digitization of Class Lectures (8%)
Additional course lectures will be recorded for streaming over the Web. Priority will be given to courses with large student enrollment.

Improving Classroom Technology in 17 Lexington Avenue (8%)
Classroom equipment and infrastructure will be upgraded to match the resources available in the Vertical Campus smart classrooms.

Online Student Services (8%)
Funds will be used to provide additional self-service access to student services via the Web, such as those delivered by the Career Development Center, International Student Services Center, and Student Academic Counseling Center.   Funds will also support the completion of the degree audit system and the renewal of the campus Blackboard license.

User Education and Support (8%)
Funds will be applied toward the continuing employment of two full-time staff, who assist students at the help desk and teach weekly technology workshops.   In addition, funds will support e-training accounts and an electronic collection of IT books for student reference and self-instruction.

Student Laser Printing (6%)
The system that manages the allocation of free printing to students will be extended to more locations on campus.   Funds will be applied toward the license for the print management software, toner, paper, and the purchase of faster printers.   Funds will also be used to subsidize student discounts for fee-based color printing.

Software for Student Academic Computing (5%)
Current software licenses will be renewed and funds will be available to support additional requests from students.

Assistive Technology (3%)
The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities will identify items necessary to improve access to computing resources for the students it represents.

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