Who's Who at Weissman

Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of every student every day. At the same time we are committed to fostering a progressive, cooperative environment for teaching and learning.

Who's Who at Weissman AlDEMARO ROMERO JR.

Dean of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Room/Mailbox: 8-254/B8-254
Phone: 646 312-3870
Email: Aldemaro.Romero@baruch.cuny.edu

Who's Who at Weissman Tracy Cheung

Academic Program Coordinator

Room/Mailbox: 8-265A/B8-265
Phone: 646-312-3890


Boo Choi

Boo Choi

Director of Administrative and Financial Services

Room/Mailbox: 8-253/B8-250
Phone: 646-312-3870
Email: boo.choi@baruch.cuny.edu

Who's Who at Weissman

Stephanie Govan

Director of Scheduling, Registration, Enrollment, and Data Management

Room/Mailbox: 8-261/B8-265
Phone: 646-312-3890
Email: stephanie.govan@baruch.cuny.edu

Gary HentziGary Hentzi

Associate Dean

Room/Mailbox: 8-267/B8-265
Phone: 646-312-3890
Email: gary.hentzi@baruch.cuny.edu

Who's Who at Weissman Cathy Levkulic

Assistant Director, Office of Graduate Studies

Room/Mailbox: 8-211/B8-211
Email: Cathy.Levkulic@baruch.cuny.edu

Who's Who at Weissman Katheryn Lypides

Assistant to the Dean

Room/Mailbox: 8-250B/B8-250
Email: katheryn.lypides@baruch.cuny.edu

Joyce MarottaJoyce Marotta

Assistant to the Director of Administrative and Financial Services

Room/Mailbox: 8-250F/B8-250
Email: joyce.marotta@baruch.cuny.edu

Keisha McLeodKeisha McLeod

Coordinator of Student and Academic Services

Room/Mailbox: 8-265B/B8-265
Phone: 646-312-3884
Email: Keisha.McLeod@Baruch.cuny.edu

Who's Who at Weissman Elyse MEndel

Director of Career Services

Room/Mailbox: 8-250E
Phone: 646-312-3887
Email: Elyse.Mendel@baruch.cuny.edu

Who's Who at Weissman Ana L. Mera-Ruiz

Specialist of Administrative and Financial Services

Room/Mailbox: 8-251/B8-250
Email: ana.mera-ruiz@baruch.cuny.edu

Sonya HopkinsSonya wahab

Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Pathways Transfer Appeal Officer

Room/Mailbox: 8-268/B8-265
Email: sonya.wahab@baruch.cuny.edu

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