The Department of Natural Sciences offers courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental sciences at the introductory level for the general student who needs to satisfy the laboratory science requirement.

The major includes a variety of courses in the sciences and traditional courses from the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the School of Business, and the School of Public Affairs. Perspective students are urged to register with the office of the Department of Natural Sciences early in their college careers. Each student will be assigned an individual advisor who will assist in formulating the specific Ad Hoc major program designed to attain the desired educational objectives. For more info on majors and minors in Natural Sciences, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Students' honors theses in biology and other disciplines may be viewed on the Newman Library web site.

The Biomedical Society, a student club, provides students with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, develop leadership skills as club officers, and learn first-hand about the research activities of leading scientists. The club hosts weekly seminars during Club Hours featuring guest speakers who discuss biological and biomedical research and share career advice.

Daniel Gelfond's BIO 1005 laboratory notes
Wahlert & Holland's BIO 1003 lab notes: Darwin Server or Faculty Server
Chemistry 1000 Laboratory instructions and exercises for download

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