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Linda M. Hoffman, Ph.D., New York University (Organic Chemistry), has conducted research related to biochemical studies of enzymes and glycosphingolipids in Tay-Sachs disease. Her work on enzyme replacement experiments to "cure" Tay-Sachs disease in cell culture resulted in the Moore Award of the American Society of Neuropathologists in 1980. More recently she has been using her expertise on glycolipids to look for changes in glycolipids in the membranes of cancer cells derived from brain tumors as compared to normal cells. Her publications have appeared in journals and books on neuroscience. Dr. Hoffman has advised honors and independent study students.


"Work by many investigators during the last 20 years in the field of Tay-Sachs disease has resulted in eliminating 90% of diagnosed cases of the disease by the use of genetic screening and fetal diagnosis (amniocentesis). I have worked with cell culture systems to learn more about the disease. The first paper, listed below, is an attempt, in collaboration with Canadian workers, to "cure" Tay-Sachs disease in laboratory cell culture. The second paper deals with another aspect of my current research, that is, the examination of membrane components on cancer cells as compared to normal cells."

Publications 1992-Present

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Hoffman, L. M., S. E. Brooks, M. R. Stein, and L. Schneck. 1994.
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