Contests Winners Announced!

The Jerome L. Schulman Memorial Poetry Contest

First place: Lauren Yesko

Second Place: Ashley Somwaru

Third Place Tie: Genesis Valdez and Miguel Machado

Harman Nonfiction Writing Contest

First Place: George Graham

Second Place: Jess Kraker

Third Place: Seth Cerrate

Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thank you towards everyone who applied. Keep an eye out for Encounters Magazine's Spring 2018 edition, which will feature all of the winning pieces!

Writing Fellow Angel Nafis Teaches Poetry Workshop on the Art of Inspiration

On Thursday, November 16, Writing Fellow Angel Nafis lead a wonderful poetry workshop on finding inspiration in the small things. The event was co-sponsored by Encounters Magazine, who provided a lovely Italian lunch.

Photo credits: Glenda Hydler

Group Photo Angel Nafis (Green Sweater) and Program Director Prof. Bridget Davis (on Nafis' right) with students.

StudentsVarious students.

NEncounters' Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Vicente (left) with Angel Nafis (right)

Writer-in-Residence Russell Shorto Shares Untold Stories of the Civil War

On Tuesday, October 17, Writer-in-Residence Russell Shorto shared real life stories of those featured in his new book, Revolution Song. The event garnered quite the crowd, and was preceded by a lively reception.

Photo credits: Glenda Hydler

Shorto with Prof. Davis

Russell Shorto with Program Director Professor Bridgett Davis.

photo(Left to right) Shorto, Prof. Davis, and Prof. Andrea Gabor

Shorto Speaking Shorto speaking at the stand.

4Various Attendees.

Upcoming Writer-in-Residence  

Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Current Writer-in-Residence

Russell Shorto's Headshot












Russell Shorto is an American author and journalist whose books are narrative nonfiction history. His five books, including the national bestseller, The Island At The Center Of The World, have been published in 13 languages and have won a variety of awards. His sixth, Revolution Song, is due out in Fall 2018. Shorto is a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, and blogs for the New He was born and raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, which he notes "was recently awarded the designation of poorest city in the state. But it has beautiful hills."

For information about residency, email Prof. Bridgett Davis or visit her homepage.
Phone: (646) 312-3927

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