Interested students of all majors are encouraged to submit applications midway through the semester prior to the one in which they wish to enroll. Please fill out and submit the online application below, which will explain additional requirements (cover letter, writing samples, etc.).

Note: Writing samples do not have to be poetry. Students may submit any writings they see fit.

Application for Fall/Spring Harman Writer-In-Residence Workshops

Applications due TWO DAYS before student's registration date.


Fall 2018


Branden Jacobs-Jenkins


Playwriting: An Introduction

In this introductory workshop, students will read and write a number of one act plays in an attempt to better grasp the basics of dramatic writing. In addition to questions of craft and storytelling, a focus will be placed on the playwright’s process, the formation of healthy creative habits, and the sharpening of critical skills through reading and responding to the work of both your classmates and colleagues in the larger professional field. The course will culminate in staged in-class readings of student plays. Students will be responsible for casting and directing these readings.


The City University of New York