Lauren Mondo


Lauren graduated from the University of Richmond with a double major in Psychology and Rhetoric & Communication Studies (2005).  Her research experiences there involved working with Dr. Scott Allison, on his social psychological research examining the death positivity bias and the underdog effect, and with Dr. George Goethals, on a project exploring the effects of nonverbal behaviors during televised presidential debates. 

She entered the I/O doctoral program in the fall of 2005. During her first year, she worked as a research assistant to Dr. Yochi Cohen-Charash and managed her Emotions in Organization lab.  Currently, she is teaching undergraduate courses at Baruch College as a Graduate Teaching Fellow.  Her research interests include but are not limited to contextual performance and organizational citizenship behaviors, person-environment fit, leadership, and socialization processes.

Teaching Experience

PSY 3056: Social Psychology

PSY 3061: Psychology of Life Experience

PSY 3059: Child Development

The City University of New York