Kristen Kirkland


Kristen L. Kirkland is a 9th year doctoral student in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Baruch College, City University of New York. She is completing her dissertation on emotional intelligence, emotional competence, and transformational leadership and is advised by Dr. Harold Goldstein. She has assisted Dr. Kristin Sommer in conducting experimental studies examining the effects of narcissism and interpersonal rejection on emotional outcomes and peer ratings, and she is current working with Dr. Sommer and Dan Benkendorf (a fellow doctoral student) on a study examining biased group decision-making.

While completing her coursework and Master’s thesis, she assisted Dr. Sommer in teaching Experimental Psychology at Baruch College for 5 years. Kristen’s Master’s thesis research focused on the effects of negative feedback on emotional and behavioral outcomes. Specifically, she examined methods of delivering negative feedback that reduced negative emotional outcomes and defensive behaviors and increased positive emotional outcomes and productive behaviors.

Kristen currently works at Credit Suisse as an assistant vice president of training and development. Her work there includes the creation and management of the Securities Learning Curriculum. She also has established, coordinated, and implemented a succession planning process across the Global Securities businesses. She manages high potential development programs for the Fixed Income and Equity businesses and serves as the Securities point person for the organization-wide engagement survey. .

Kristen previously worked in executive leadership and development at Merrill Lynch, managing the Executive Committee talent review process and the executive talent management review system. She also facilitated leadership development programs for Merrill Lynch’s senior executives and managed the onboarding training program for technology analysts. Prior to her work at Merrill Lynch, she was employed at JPMorgan Chase, first as a consultant in the Organizational Research group, and then as an organizational development consultant to the HR Training and Development group in the Retail Financial Services (RFS) business. Kristen has also worked as a consultant for several organizations, including Fisher Rock Consulting, Wareham Associates, Inc., McFrank & Williams, Somnia, Inc., Applied Research Corporation, and Critical Metrics.

Kristen is an active member of METRO, the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychology. She is also an active student member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and of the American Psychological Association (APA).

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Civil and Community Based Mediation Training - June 2003 - Common Ground Dispute Resolution, Inc., Hudson, New York                                             

Behavioral and Structured Interview Training - July 2005 - Fisher Rock Consulting, New York, New York

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