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National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at Baruch College





Principal Investigator:
Professor Mindy Engle-Friedman
Department of Psychology
Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
Baruch College
Phone: (646) 312-3815

Co-Principal Investigator:
Professor Jaihyun Park
Department of Psychology
Weissman School of Arts and Sciences
Baruch College
Phone:  (646) 312-3806       

program overview:

Baruch College, City University of New York is currently recruiting students for participation in a training program funded by the National Science Foundation entitled Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). The REU site at Baruch College will offer advanced research training for one academic year to 12 undergraduate students who attend colleges and universities in the New York metropolitan area. The program will target students who belong to historically disadvantaged groups. The REU program will begin August 2013 and the training program will be completed in May 2014. Students will be paid $2100 per 14-week semester to work at least 10 hours per week in one of the ongoing psychology research labs at Baruch College.

This program provides concentrated research experience in which each student plans and executes an independent project, and works with a faculty mentor and their research team on existing research projects. Students will develop knowledge and skills in all phases of psychological research, including hypothesis development, research design, data analysis, and scientific writing. Faculty will guide REU students through the process of formulating a research hypothesis, designing and implementing the project, and analyzing and summarizing the findings. Students will present their research at the Baruch REU conference and potentially at regional or national conferences in psychology. REU students will complete a year-long graduate school preparation course taught at Baruch College. Students will learn about the graduate school admission process,  how to build one's credentials through research and practicum experiences, the GRE, soliciting letters of recommendation, and applying for fellowships. This course will assist students in planning advanced education in the areas that best match their interests.

This program is supported by the National Science Foundation under grant award number 1005124.

Eligibility requirements

Students must have a sophomore standing, have at least a B average in their undergraduate courses, and must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. All students who meet these initial requirements are encouraged to apply, although preference will be given to those who are majoring in psychology and those who belong to an historically disadvantaged group (e.g., Asian, Hispanic, African American, disabled, first generation college student). Each student must be able to commit to at least 10 hours each week to work at the Baruch campus. Efforts will be made to accommodate students' class and other work schedules. Student must have completed a course in research methods and statistics or must be willing to take such courses during the REU year.

research teams

The four research teams are described briefly below. Each team will consist of one faculty member, undergraduate and graduate lab members and three REU students. Students will work with the same research team throughout their training. Students will be asked to indicate the teams with which they would most prefer to work. Although every effort will be made to accommodate students' preferences, high demand for certain research areas may necessitate assigning students to their second or third choices.


  • Each REU student will complete an independent research project supervised by an REU faculty mentor
  • Each REU student will spend at least 10 hours each week during the fall and spring semesters at Baruch College working as part of a faculty-led research team
  • Each REU student will contribute to ongoing research projects by collecting and analyzing data
  • All REU students will enroll in a year-long graduate school preparation course taught at Baruch College


  • Each student will receive $1960 for each 14-week semester as compensation for time working in the research lab.

application process

  • Please complete the application form found below.
  • Attach a short narrative (2 pages or less) explaining your long-term career goals and how participation in the REU program will help to facilitate these goals
  •  Send the application form, narrative, and one (unofficial or official) copy of your undergraduate transcript to:

    Professor Mindy Engle-Friedman
    Department of Psychology, Box B 8-215
    Baruch College
    55 Lexington Ave., New York, NY, 10010

  • If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Engle-Friedman at 646-312-3815 or by email at: Mindy.Engle-Friedman@baruch.cuny.edu.
  • All applications must be submitted by
    April 11, 2014, 5PM
  • *Please click here to download the application materials*

Areas of Research

Students may work in one of the following research areas at Baruch:

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call Dr. Engle-Friedman at 646-312-3815 or email mindy.engle-friedman@baruch.cuny.edu.


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