Susan Tenenbaum

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Location: VC 5-283


Susan Tenenbaum did graduate work in political philosophy and finance, both of which nourished her continuing research interest: the role of ideas in the shaping of public policy.  In her writings she has explored this theme as it relates to a wide range of topics, including the ethics of cost-benefit analysis, the status of the public corporation, and the interaction of Darwinian thought and social policy.  At present, she is working on a book on "Art, Policy and Power."  Professor Tenenbaum teaches Public Policy and Government and the American Economy, and supervises the department's Internship program.  Professor Tenenbaum lives in New Jersey.


American Government (POL 1101)
Government and the American Economy (POL 3315)
Public Policy (POL 2353)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

1989.   "Social Discounting: Retrieving the Civic Dimension."  Economics and Philosophy 5: 33-46.

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