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Thomas Teufel

Associate Professor & Chair
PhD, Harvard University; Associate Editor 'The Philosophical Forum.'

Phone: 646-312-4368
Location: VC 5-288


Prof. Teufel received his PhD in philosophy from Harvard University in 2006 and has been an assistant professor of philosophy at Baruch College since the fall of that year. His primary research interest is in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and, in particular, in Kant’s third and final ‘Critique,’ the Critique of the Power of Judgment. Prof. Teufel is developing a systematic interpretation of Kant’s book as regards both its internal structure (see his papers on Kant’s conceptions of ‘Purposiveness,’ ‘Particularity,’ and ‘Power of Judgment’) and its integration into critical philosophy as a whole (explored in an as yet unpublished paper on ‘Regulativity’). His work on the third Critique was preceded and motivated by an (ongoing) interest in philosophical aesthetics. It has, moreover, spurred an interest in philosophy of biology (both Kant’s and otherwise, explored in his papers on ‘Wholes that cause their Parts’ and on Kant’s ‘Problem of Teleology’).


Ph.D., Harvard University

Research Interests

Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, Aesthetics

Peer-Reviewed Articles (5)

"What does Kant mean by 'Power of Judgment' in his Critique of the Power of Judgment?" Kantian Review, vol. 17.2 (July 2012): 297-326.

"What is the Problem of Teleology in Kant's Critique of the Teleological Power of Judgment?" SATS: Northern European Journal of Philosophy, vol. 12.2 (December 2011): 198-236.

"Kant's Non-Teleological Conception of Purposiveness." Kant-Studien, vol. 102.2 (June 2011): 232-252.

"Wholes that Cause their Parts: Organic Self-Reproduction and the Reality of Biological Teleology." Studies inHistory and Philosophy of Science, Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, vol. 42 (June 2011): 252-260.

"Kant's Sensationist Conception of Particularity in the Critique of the (Reflecting) Power of Judgment." Kant Studies Online, vol. 1.3 (March 2011): 1-51.

Chapters in Books 

“The Impossibility of a Newton of the Blade of Grass in Kant’s Teleology.” In: O. Nachtomy, J. H. Smith (eds.), The Life Sciences in Early Modern Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (in press)

Proceedings (1)

"Merely Mechanistic Laws: Causal Mechanism and Kant's Antinomy of the Teleological Power of Judgment." In: Claudio Rocca (ed.) 'Kant and Philosophy in a Cosmopolitan Sense.' Proceedings of the XI International Kant Congress (forthcoming, 2012).

Projects (3)

In history of philosophy, I am currently working on a paper on Kant's notion of regulativity in KdrV and KdU as well as on an encyclopedia article on Kant's Teleology. In aesthetics, I am working on a paper on Marcel Duchamp's Fountain.

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