Prof. Eric MandelbaumEric Mandelbaum

Assistant Professor

Phone: 646 312-4379

Location: VC 5-297


Eric Mandelbaum researches foundational issues in cognitive science. For more specifics, please see his personal website

Most recent or current research:

Cognitive Architecture, Implicit Racism, Belief Acquisition, Belief Change

Subject Matter Expertise (topics):

Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind

Degrees (with institution):

BA: Rutgers University; MA, Ph.D.: UNC Chapel Hill

Affiliations (boards, organizations):

American Philosophical Association; Network for Sensory Integration; Implicit Bias and Philosophy Project

Most recent publications (articles and/books) or exhibitions:

“Attitude, Inference, Association: On the Propositional Basis of Implicit Bias”; “The Powers That Bind: Doxastic Voluntarism and Epistemic Obligation”; “Against Alief”

The City University of New York